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Su prattu de cassa (The Hunting plate)

It is the reproduction of the most ancient and characteristic pan of the Traditional Sardinian cuisine, composed of two parts overlapped and slightly embedded each other. Its origin is unknown, but since copper is the first metal to have been wrought by human, it might think of a nuragic origin.

Its name “hunting plate”, identifies it especially for the slow-fire cooking of the wild game, but it is also suitable for cooking fish and vegetables. It can be used on the embers, on all types of oven or on the kitchen stove: the steam produced in it is absorbed back by the dish, enhancing to the max its taste. The inside is protected by a tin layer to isolate the copper plate from the acids that the dishes can contain. Its particular structure, unique in the world as well, makes it appreciated as a furniture that suits the modern design. It is used in typical restaurants and holiday farms, which suggest it to lovers of simple but quality cuisine. Available in two standard sizes or made to order for different diameters.

Su prattu de cassa (small)

diameter about 30 cm

price: 140 euros

Su prattu de cassa (big)

diameter about 35 cm

price: 180 euros